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About The Author

A. J. Iglesias

A.J. Iglesias is someone you would call a success story. When you read this book you will feel his pain and all the obstacles he had to endure in order to fight back not only the internal demons, but the external chaos that surrounded his childhood. A total transformation of character and mindset that had to be accomplished in order to get him where he is today.

His present status is not that he is a famous podcast host, or an ex navy seal, or knows all the cool popular gurus of today, or is a famous athlete. He is an average guy who accomplished everything he set out to do in order to escape his impoverished neighborhood. He calls himself an average guy because he doesn't want to send the wrong message to young kids in these neighborhoods, in that the only way to be successful in life is to be rich and famous. You can be successful by other means, young kids set their bar too high, and when striving for it, and fail, it becomes in their eyes unattainable.

He likes to preach attainable goals. He wants to give back by shedding some light with the youth, growing up in low income communities can be a dark place, and these kids need to realize that there is a way out, and not by involving themselves in illegal acts, which paints a facade of easy money and luxury, but in reality all have short comings. Instead, they must follow the blueprint of hard work and determination.

A.J. Iglesias is Married, has two sons, received his bachelor's degree, without a high school diploma, but did get his G.E.D., works for the federal Government, owns his own home, and is now an Author.